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Food Service

Latino Gourmet provides more options for caterers, bakers and entertainers wanting to provide tasty gluten free menus for customers and guests. With a growing number of people being diagnosed with coeliac disease, wheat intolerance, and irritable bowel syndrome these new products mean catering and entertaining becomes easier.

Our brand Nnova Rice offers a compete range of sweet and savoury premixes for everyone to enjoy. Our Premixes are helping to make baking as convenient and as deliciously rewarding as possible. The versatility, reliability and taste of our products means the Nnova Rice brand are not just for those needing a gluten free diet.

Nnova Rice products are a godsend when catering for people on a gluten free diet. All our Premixes taste so good when cooked, you would never know they came from a premix.

Our seven Premixes are available in food service packs of 6kg and can be frozen once prepared, for up to 3 months. Additional flavours can be added to suit customer tastes and requirements.

Nnova Rice Premixes can be adapted to suit dairy free and/or egg free diets.

Our Premixes range includes:

GF, Dairy Free & Sugar Free Vanilla Cookies, GF & Dairy Free Brownie Premix, Multi-Purpose Savoury Premix, Pancake Vanilla Cake, Rice Bread and Butter Cookies.

We also offer  six varieties of Rice Pastas available in bulk presentations specially tailored for the food service and can be frozen once prepared.

Rice pastas have perfect dente, and when defrosting keep their texture and consistency, which is something difficult to find in gluten free pastas made of corn or other ingredients.

Spaghetti: Our in bulk presentation of 5Kg comes in a corrugated master box (20.5cmx16.5cmx29cm) with one  polypropylene  inner .                                                                                                                                                          

Small Shells: Our in bulk presentation of 5Kg comes in a corrugated master box (22x28.50cmx38cm) with two inner polypropylene bags inside (30x45cm) of 2.5kg each.            

Lasagne:  Our in bulk presentation of 5Kg comes in a corrugated box (22x28.50cmx38cm) with 5 inner polypropylene bags (30x45cm) of 1 kg each.                                                                                                                                                              

Macaroni:    Our in bulk presentation of 5Kg comes in a corrugated master box (22x28.50cmx38cm) with two inner polypropylene bags (30x45cm) of 2.5kg each.                                                                                                                                       

Vermicelli Noodles: Our in bulk presentation of 4Kg comes in a corrugated master box (22x28.50cmx38cm) 1 inner polypropylene bag  30x45cm).                                                                                                                                   

Our products are suitable for wheat free, sodium free, soy free and egg free diets. Please check the premixes packaging for advice on each product.

LG food service range provides more options for members of the foodservice industry wanting to provide tasty allergy friendly menus for clients, patients and guests.

We offer special discounts for orders of pallets of more. Please contact us on the following email to discuss details: