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GF Vanilla & Cherry Cupcakes

 Vanilla cup cakes

            250g of Nnova Rice Vanilla Cake Premix, makes around 6 medium size cupcakes

1- Add the following ingredients in a mixer bowl:

- 250g Nnova Rice Vanilla Cake Premix (Previously sifted)

- 60 ml of cherry juice

- 73 ml of vegetable oil

- 1 big or 2 small eggs

2- Beat for 1 minute at low speed and 4 minutes to high speed. Mix with 100 g of freshly chopped cherries and pour the mix into cupcake cases.

3- Bake for around 12 to 15 minutes in a pre-heat oven to 170oC / gas 3 and reduce the temperature to 150oC (302oF).


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