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Egg replacemens which one is the best?

Eggs are versatile, and are one of nature's most perfect proteins. But for those with egg allergies or following a vegan diet, fortunately, nature has also been kind enough to provide many alternatives.

Many people has asked us in the last couple of weeks if it is possible to use our Premixes without eggs and the answer is yes. The reason why eggs are need it in baking are to add taste, texture, binding and then along with texture also moisture. Below are some substitutions for eggs if you have an egg intolerance or follow a vegan diet.


It is one of the best egg replacements for improving moisture.

apple sauce










1 egg= 1/4 cup applesauce 

 2- Banana or Fruit Puree

These are good egg replacements. Fruit purees and bananas are similar to the apple sauce. Now bananas, more than applesauce, act a little as a combination of a binder as well as improving moisture.

fruits compote






1 egg = 1/4 cup smashed bananas or puree fruits

3- Baking Soda & White Vinegar

If you are using egg for more of that taste in general, baking soda and vinegar are a good substitute. They could also add a little bit  of that texture, of that fluffiness, and rising properties that the eggs have.

1 egg = 1tsp. baking soda + 1 tbsp. white vinegar + 1 tbsp. water

4- Chia Seeds

If you are using eggs in order to cause the recipe to stick and bind together, Chia seeds are the best egg replacement out there.

They bind the different ingredients used in recipes becoming probably the one that you will want to use the most.

Also the combination of Chia seeds and banana, works very well. By the way, if you are having digestive issues, Chia and banana together are great for healthy bowel movements and a healthy stool as well as a side note for just your
overall colon health.

chia seeds








  1 egg = 1 tbsp. grounds Chia seeds + 1 tbsp. water

5- Powdered Egg Replacement

There are many brands to choose from. Usually they are made from potato and tapioca starch, and they are also free of: gluten, 

wheat, casein, dairy, yeast, soy, tree nuts, and peanuts, making it useful for vegans and those with food allergies.

1 egg = ½ tbsp. powdered egg + 2 tbsp. water

6- Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder resembles corn starch and it is used as a thickening agent. It's derived from a root from a South American plant.










1 egg = 1/2 tbs. powdered egg replacement + 2 tbs. water

The following are some suggestions to prepare our Premixes, however you can choose the ones most suitable to your needs and taste.

Pancake Premix: Apple Sauce, mashed bananas.

Brownie Premix: Applesauce, mashed bananas or pureed prunes.

Butter Cookies and Vanilla Cookies: Powdered egg replacement, Chia seeds.

Vanilla Cake: Pureed fruit, Baking soda and white vinegar.

Bread Premix: Egg replacement, Baking soda and white vinegar.

Multipurpose Savoury Premix: Chia seeds, arrowroot powder.

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